When Allah (جل جلاله) created this world and settled down this humans, the first human that Allah(جل جلاله) created was Adam (عليه السلام) and He (جل جلاله) created his wife and she was named as Hawa (عليه السلام)[Eve]. On the day Allah (جل جلاله) sent Adam(عليه السلام)and Eve on earth, on that day He(جل جلاله) told them that you are my servants and I am your Lord. Your work in the world is to obey what I (Allah(جل جلاله)) command, stop it from what is forbid. If you do that then I will agree with you and give you a prize, and if you do not do so, I will be angry with you and will give you punishment.

This was the beginning of Islam. The meaning of Islam is to surrender yourself to Allah(جل جلاله) and tilt your neck in front of his order. Adam(عليه السلام), the first man of the world, touched his neck before the command of Allah(جل جلاله) became the first Muslim of the world. Eve [Hawa (عليه السلام)] followed her husband and was the first Muslim woman in the world.

Almighty Allah gave Adam(عليه السلام) and Hawa(عليه السلام) children, and ordered them to educate their children with the knowledge of Islam. They did the same. for a while, all the people remained on Islam, and there were people born in Islam who had made stones, trees, snakes and other humans their god. Someone called himself god and some said I am free, i will do whatever i want. Whether Allah’s (جل جلاله) command is anything. In this way infidelity (Kufr) began in the world

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